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Lack Jemmon - Forbidden Treasures (Preview Clip)

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While i was away on holidays Danio Artist Management have released 3 new DJ mixes from this years Shambhala Festival. First up we have the funky beat followers Fort Knox Five with a back to back set with Qdup and this one doesn’t disappoint with an hour and a half’s worth of funk in every way you like it.

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01 Fort Knox Five & Qdup – Shambhala Intro
02 Fort Knox Five & K+Lab – JInglin’ Janglin
03 Basement Freaks – Talking About Da Funk
Beastie Boys – Intergalactic (Acapella)
04 Niti Gritti – Funky Bizness
Fort Knox Five – Funk 4 Peace (Acapella)
05 Lack Jemmon – Forbidden Treasures
Qdup – Get Up (Acapella)
06 Dubra – Twerk Boogie
King Tee – Bass (Acapella)
07 Ali B feat Baby Bam – The Music Saves Me
08 Afrika Bambaata – Zulu (We Don’t Stop Yawl)
Parker – Western Soul (Acapella)
09 WBBL – Too Hot
Tower of Power – This Type of Funk (Acapella)
10 D’Angelo – Left and Right (Frankee More Bootleg)
11 Mr. Stablina – Do You Like It
Fort Knox Five – Whatcha Gonna Do (Acapella)
12 Prosper & Stabfinger – Fire in Me
13 Slynk – Baby Lets Go
Vinyl Life – Future Beat (Acapella)
14 Sammy Senior – Jump Up! (Q’s Four Deck Edit)
All Good Funk Alliance – New York Funk (Acapella)
15 Thumpasaurus – I’m Too Funky (Justin Jay Edit)
16 ATFC – Hipcats (Q’s Four Deck Edit)
Take it Back (Acapella)
17 Claptone – Din Da Da (Q’s Four Deck Edit)
Vinyl Life – Like This (Acapella)
18 Vision Factory – Nuphenomena (original Mix)
Fort Knox Five – Ready Go (Acapella)
19 Qdup & Friskie Business – The Humpty Bump
20 Jarred Gallo – Westside Funk
De La Soul – Presto (Acapella)
21 Bombay Traffic – Soul Brother (Superlover Remix)
Fort Knox Five – Party Pushers (Acapella)
22 Block and Crown – Get on Up
Natural Born Chillers – Rock the Funky Beats (Acapella)
23 Ocsav – Nobody
Fort Knox Five – Killa Sound Boy (Acapella)
24 Qdup – Sonic Drop
25 Vision Factory, Vanilla Ace – Homeboy Anthem
Masta Ace – Born to Roll (Acapella)
26 Retrovision – Get Down (Extended Mix)
Basement Jaxx – Wheres Your Head At? (Acapella)
27 Boogie Town (Wes Smith vs. Fat Larry’s Band)
Parliament – Give up the Funk (Acapella)
28 Mr. Stabalina – Funkass Bassline
29 Jahmaikl, Austin Digo – Floorfillers
Hot Streak – Body Work (Acapella)
30 Warren G – Niceguys Remix
31 Fort Knox Five – Give it a Minute

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In true Hong Kong Ping Pong style Morphosis presents another Beating The Crates show for NSB Radio, once again starting the show off with some slow tempo groovers and steadily building the tempo up throughout the mix. A bunch of new stuff in this one including the new Plump DJs jam “Let’s Bounce” as well as some new stuff from Lack Jemmon, Qdup and Beat Le Juice (to name a few).

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01 The Herbaliser – Some Things (ft Rodney P & Tiece)
02 TM Juke – Marbles & Drains
03 Cut La Vis – Ruling Sound (ft Joe Burn & Dark Angel)
04 SugarBeats – Son Of An Outlaw ft Calysta Cheyenne
05 Staunch – Rhetoric
06 Howla – Don’t Even Know It
07 Alexander Norman ft Dynamite MC – Flamingo.
08 Ninjula – Monsterous
09 Lack Jemmon – Spirits
10 Staunch – Interstate Grooves feat. Beat Fatigue
11 The Funk Hunters – Hands Up Raise Your Fist ft Leo Napier
12 Lack Jemmon – Forbidden Treasures
13 Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee – We Gonna Shake
14 Second Hand Audio – Second Hand (WBBL Remix)
15 Staunch – Where Your Shoes At
16 The Noisy Freaks & Wicked City – Get Down
17 The Niceguys – King Of The Street feat. Leo Napier
18 WBBL – Backfat
19 Beat Le Juice – Funk Magic
20 Andy Cooper – Can’t Be Satisfied
21 Lack Jemmon – Loops Of Prime
22 Unscratched – Unscratched
23 Second Hand Audio – Married To The Music (Mr Stabalina Remix)
24 Midnight Heist – Brothers On The Sly
25 Mohawkestra – Paint It Black
26 Funky Destination – Funky Music Overdose (Louie’s mix)
27 Jean Tonique – Want To See U
28 Thornato – Back It Up (ft Zongo Abongo)
29 Cazztek ft Kiyoshi – If You Really Wanna
30 Tru Fonix – Head Bop ft Rell Rock
31 Qdup ft Awoke – Sonic Drop
32 Snow, Zed Bias & Fox – 24/7
33 Nickodemus – Livin’ Your Dream (instrumental)
34 Plump DJs – Let’s Bounce
35 My Digital Enem – Super Sharp Shooter
36 Donkong – Animals (Green Ketchup Remix)
37 Funky Destination – Let’s Make This Party Jumpin
38 MASK YO! – Funk Me
39 Rukus – Don’t Diss (feat Peppery – Digital Pilgrimz & Rukus remix)
40 Dub Pistols – Boom (Mutantbreakz remix)

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