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Woofax - Spoiler Alert

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To end out the year in top fashion the Hong Kong Ping Pong Crew (aka Morphosis) has gone through all his tunes from 2018 to pick out some of his favourites. With so much to choose from HKPP have used a varying selection of tunes from all aspects of the EDM scene, so you can expect a top result of a mix.

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01 Ghost Writerz – Nah Join (ft RTKal, Serocee, Jago, Kosher & G.O.L.D)
02 TopCat & MC Spyda – Tarantula
03 K Theory – Light It Up
04 Dub Pistols – Lively ft Ragga Twins (WBBL Remix)
05 WOXOW – Chaos (ft Ken Boothe, Akil The MC & Blurum13) (K+Lab Remix)
06 Cut La Vis – Ruling Sound (ft Joe Burn & Dark Angel)
07 Omegaman – Happy Ending Whisper Song ft Edy Blu (DJ Maars remix)
08 TM Juke – Marbles & Drains
09 The Niceguys – One More Time feat. Prop Dylan
10 Shaka Loves You – Boogie ft Fullee Love
11 Mister T. – Black Drop
12 Captain Flatcap – Boom Bap Boxing [feat Great Scott] (Crash Party Remix)
13 K+Lab – Good Juju ft. Melodownz
14 Minimatic – Skankin Jive
15 DJ Mibor – You’re Driving Me Crazy
16 Beat Le Juice – I Promise
17 Roast Beatz – Let It Go (Hiphoppapotamus Remix)
18 Balkan Bump ft Kelly Finnigan – Give Me Something To Funk
19 Staunch – Where Your Shoes At
20 Dr.Syntax & Pete Cannon – Downtime (The Allergies Remix)
21 David Starfire – Primal (feat SOOHAN)
22 Nghtmre & Big Gigantic – Like That
23 The Noisy Freaks & Wicked City – Get Down
24 Woofax – Spoiler Alert
25 The Breakbeat Junkie Vs DJP – Step Up
26 Mr Stabalina – Put Ya Hands Up ft Summer Bright
27 Fab Samperi – That’s Alright (feat Arthur Crudup)
28 WBBL – Comedown
29 Featurecast – Looking At Each Other
30 Midnight Heist – Brothers On The Sly
31 The Funk Hunters – Party Rockin
32 Opiuo – Ginger Lizard
33 Cupcake Project – This Ain’t No Boogie (Prosper & Adam Polo remix)
34 The Allergies – Dance Now
35 Strafe – Set It Off (Justin Martin Party Starter remix)
36 Ed Solo – Bass In My Trunk (original mix)
37 Cazztek ft Kiyoshi – If You Really Wanna
38 Bird Peterson feat Shack – Floor Shaker
39 Tuxedo Junction – Bermuda Blues
40 Maha Quest – Hussy
41 Fatboy Slim – Right Here, Right Now (Friction One In The Jungle Remix)
42 High Contrast – If We Ever (Unglued remix)
43 Bladerunner – Jungle Jungle
44 Kursiva – Give It To Me
45 Featurecast – Lose Your Mind
46 Chinese Man – Blah! (feat Youthstar, Taiwan MC & Illaman – Numa Crew remix)

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Pushing the sound of Funk for quite a while now the now legendary act out of Washington DC, Fort Knox Five have just uploaded their Funk The World Podcast for May 2018. Mixed by Steve Raskin from FK5 every bit of music in this mixed is styled to represent that Funky sound, from Glitch Hop to Funky Breaks to Hip Hop Steve drops a bomb of a mix to carry you into Summer 2018.


01 Dusty Donuts – Funky Thang_(Marc Hype & Naughty NMX Underground Edit)
02 Beat Le Juice – I Promise
03 Nas – I Can (Sylow Remix)
05 Woofax – Spoiler Alert
06 WBBL – Too Hot
07 Midnight Heist – Brothers on the Sly
08 Childish Gambino – Redbone (Nick Bike Edit)
09 Stickybuds – Ain’t Happen Yet
10 Krafty Kuts – Back To Flow
11 Father Funk & Bear Twists – Love Is The Answer
12 Crew Love Feat. PillowTalk & Soul Clap – Smokers Delight
13 Robotaki – Ghostboy (feat. Claire Ridgely)

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As the name suggests FunkinRight is doing just that serving a slab of funky music in the right way. This new mix from him is a whole lot funky with various well known artists from the mid tempo scene and a new tune i see from Skope & Stickybuds. Enjoy your FREE direct download and pump up that volume.


Snoop & Dre – G Thang (Casual Connection & Jsquared Rework)
The Funk Hunters – Hands Up (Raise Your Fist) feat. Leo Napier (FunkinRight Flip)
K+Lab x V.I.C. – Wiggy Wobble Baby (FunkinRight Edit)
Saint Motel – Move (The Floozies Remix)
Saint Motel – Move (Jenaux Remix)
Dubra – ROOTS
Cheshire – Effective Perspective feat. Anya (Original Mix)
K+Lab – Banga Boomerang feat. EVeryman (Original Mix)
Woofax – Spoiler Alert
Woofax x 2Pac- Spoiler Alert, if You Hear Me(FunkinRight Edit)
WBBL – Too Hot [Scour Records Freemix]
Lack Jemmon – Just Step Up [Scour Records Freemix]
Jenaux – Get It On
Opiuo – Botrok
FORT KNOX FIVE feat BCAP – Give It A Minute (Stickybuds remix)
Defunk- Pretty Things
B-Side – Cali (2017 Mix)
BAZZA RANKS & IMAGINE THIS – That Stuff (The Allergies remix)
Kid Panel – Jungle Boogie
WBBL – Don’t Know Me
Lack Jemmon – Let’s Jam On
Slynk – Don’t Flip (feat. Illvis Freshly)
Groove Mind – Party In The Ghetto
Backseat Freestyle (Neon Steve DJT)
Notixx – Don’t Believe
Skope + Stickybuds – Twice to the Right (Unreleased)
Woofax – Wildlife Preserve (Original Mix)
Crash Party – Nitty Gritty (original)
Crash Party – Nitty Gritty (VIP Junglist mix)
Hiphoppapotamus & Father Funk – What Ray’d Say [Scour Records Freemix](FunkinRight Flip)
The Niceguys – More Fire (FunkinRight Flip)
Phibes – Light it up
Defunk – The Mother
The Fugees – Fu-Gee-La (Break Science Remix)

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Hailing from Minneapolis USA Megan Hamilton lays down a solid set of funk and glitch hop tunes with a whole heap of new tunes from her (check out the tracklist). As well as being a Producer and DJ Megan can belt out some great vocals some of which you can here throughout this mix for Westwood Records.

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1. Cheshire & Megan Hamilton – ID
2. Megan Hamilton – ID
3. CloZee – Secret Place (Megan Hamilton Remix)
4. Megan Hamilton & The Bermudas – Tension
5. Megan Hamilton – ID
6. Megan Hamilton & Tortuga – Funkify The Speakers
7. MIA – Paper Planes (Megan Hamilton Remix)
8. Fort Knox Five – Give It A Minute ft. Bcap (Stickybuds Remix)
9. Missy Elliot – I’m Better (Megan Hamilton Remix)
10. Notixx – Don’t Believe
11. Hot Chocolate – Sexy Thing (Megan Hamilton Remix)
12. Megan Hamilton & Maddy O’Neal – Nunya
13. Megan Hamilton – ID
14. Megan Hamilton & The Bermudas – Don’t Worry (Defunk Remix)
15. Megan Hamilton & Trufeelz – Romania
16. CloZee – Harmony (Axel Thesleff Remix)
17. Megan Hamilton – Low Low
18. Kendrick Lamar – Humble (Megan Hamilton Remix)
19. Megan Hamilton – The Ride (VIP Remix)
20. Flavours – Austin Powers (Ike Aligbe/Jay-Z Mashup)
21. K+Lab + Alias – Wiggy ft. Sam Ross
22. Woofax – Spoiler Alert
23. Slynk – Baby Let’s Go
24. Featurecast – What You Want (WBBL Remix)
25. Defunk – Can’t Buy Me ft. Megan Hamilton & Wes Writer

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Those lovable lads Hong Kong Ping Pong (HKPP) are back for 2018 with another 2 hour show of awesome beats and breaks. Starting off the show in typical fashion Morphosis drops some slow dub vibes then raises the tempo near the end including a new remix from the Stanton’s (which you can get for FREE).


01 Menace+Live – My Persona (Dubmatix Remix)
02 Bazza Ranks – Memories Ft. Dynamite MC
03 Dub Pistols – Lively ft Ragga Twins (WBBL Remix)
04 Grid Division, Groove Mind – Midnight Sunshine feat. Butch Taylor
05 Crash Party – Dread Or Alive
06 X-Ray Ted – Blue Skies
07 The Fundamentals – Thing (Original Mix)
08 Dynamo Productions – Gotta Groove
09 X-Ray Ted – My House
10 Defunk – Pretty Things (Original Mix)
11 Woofax – Spoiler Alert
12 WBBL – Too Hot
13 Lack Jemmon – Just Step Up
14 C@ In The H@ – 4-20
15 Lack Jemmon – Joan Jett feat. The Kurnel MC (Liberty Chaps Remix)
16 Kibosh – Groove Tube
17 X-Ray Ted – Chasing Devils
18 Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Cant Stop (WBBL Remix)
19 Groove Mind – Walk This Way
20 Dub Pistols – Crazy Diamonds ft Too Many Ts (Rico Tubbs & Terry Hooligan Remix)
21 Cockney Nutjob – Fyah
22 Pecoe – Dance With Me
23 X-Ray Ted – Rollin’
24 Rolling Stones – Sympathy For The Devil (Captain & Goodgroove Remix)
25 General News – Right To Left
26 X-Ray Ted – Salsoul Lover
27 Extra Medium – Work It Out
28 Groove Mind – Party In The Ghetto
29 WBBL – Get A Wobble On
30 Daze Prism – Rumba
31 Tru Fonix ft Stush – In The Corner
32 WBBL – Don’t Know Me
33 Orbital – Chime (Stanton Warriors Remix)
34 Daze Prism – Shipwreck
35 Mr Stabalina – Bassrider
36 Ray Keith – Renegade Vs Limb By Limb (Aries Remix)
37 Deekline – Pass Me The Rizla Ft. Gerenal Levy & Tippa Irie
38 Bladerunner – Jungle Jungle
39 Hiphoppapotamus & Father Funk – What Ray’d Say

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