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Born Dirty - Check Your Bell

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Vacation is an up and coming DJ and producer in the San Francisco breaks scene. He got his start 5 years ago when he visited a little place called Black Rock City. It was there that he first witnessed Burning Man’s breaks-heavy culture and was instantly inspired by Bay Area legends DJ Zach Moore and The Space Cowboys.

Earlier this year, Vacation launched a local DJ collective called Neon Sharks, where he and other contributors release weekly “Shark Frenzy” mixes across multiple genres, including breaks, techno, tech house, house, and drum and bass.

This mix was specially crafted for Breakzlinkz to bring the best breaks & bass music coming from different times, record labels, directions, and even genres.

You can find Vacation on the Playa, throwing a Neon Sharks renegade, or at a local venue. Find out more about Vacation and Neon Sharks on their SoundCloud, Mixcloud, and Facebook pages below:

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Neon Sharks

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01. Bombo Rosa – This Is America (Stanton Warriors VIP)
02. Daft Punk – Oh Yeah
03. Christian Martin & Mark Starr – Wat
04. Plump DJs – IOU One
05. CLB – Sometimes
06. Stanton Warriors – Can’t Hold Back
07. Agent K – Play The Game
08. Taiki Nulight – I Mean
09. Aylen – Dope
10. Born Dirty & Mai Lan – Technik
11. Crookers – 128BPM
12. J-Trick & Autokraft – House of Grime feat. Bigredcap (Taiki Nulight Remix)
13. Wuki – TRICKY
14. Pray For Bass – Burn
15. K1K0 & Jesse Slayter – L.A. is Dead
16. Kuplay – OMG
17. The Brainkiller & Aggresivnes – Mad Girl
18. 13th Zodiac – BTTF
19. Aggresivnes – Put The New Needle
20. Jaded – Made In China
21. Born Dirty – Check Your Bell
22. Getter – Hecka Tight
23. Mafia Kiss – Your Body
24. Lenny Kiser – Mmm Hungry
25. Stanton Warriors – Pop Ya Cork (Stantons VIP)
26. Shiba San – OKAY (Mafia Kiss Rebeat)
27. UFO Project – In Your Eyes

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DJ Zach Moore takes us on a roller of a Breakbeat & Bass journey with a brand new mix for his Armory Podcast. Nice constant flow of a mix with a whole bag full of new tunes including new ones from Nixon of Punks Music fame and the legendary 808 bass bandit DJ Icey.


1. Dreams – Nixon
2. Regardless (Rick Tedesco Remix) – Underground Utopia
3. Push It (Original Mix) – Yo Speed
4. Stherma (Original Mix) – DJ Bross
5. Beatcoin – Disperto Certain
6. Check Your Bell (Original Mix) – Born Dirty
7. I Want You – Tyler Clacey & Khesis
8. The Zapper (Zap VIP) – DJ Icey
9. Take It Back (Chris Royal Remix) – Kid Kenobi, A-Tonez
10. Bad Man Tune (Mafia Kiss Remix) – Tippa Irie, Flow State
11. Hoping (Jay Robinson Remix) – Stanton Warriors
12. Faces – Nixon
13. Keep Realing (Original Mix) – B.L.I.M., Pete Voyager
14. Tell Me – Nixon

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A new mix from James Glenton aka Lebrosk exclusive to the blog! With expert progression and track selection from bass house to broken beats, his job as breaks editor at music bible Mixmag keeps him at the forefront of the scene.

Having rocked boat parties in Amsterdam, London warehouse nights, cool funky cocktail bars and various clubs all over Europe … sit back and  enjoy the Lebrosk experience!

83 – Maximono
Ma Beat – Sammy W & Alex E
Touch Me – Poupon
Stretch 2-3-4 ft. Pharrell Williams (Boots N Pants Remix) – WatchTheDuck
Neanderthal – Doorly
House Work Ft. Mike Dunn & MNEK – Jax Jones
Control – Tapesh
Make It Pop (WMC Edit) – Grensta
P.A.N.D.A (Redlight edit) – Desiigner
Check Your Bell (Missy VIP edit) – Born Dirty
U Already Know (Jakwob Remix) – Keys N Krates
Make It Bang – Bombo Rosa
DWN – WxT (Woz & Troy Gunner)
A Quick Skank – Vertical Drop
Typo – Aloka
Limit Of Paradise – 2 Bad Mice
Untitled Hardcore #1 – Etch

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