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The Beatles - The Word (The Captain Remix)

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” This mix took many months to create and is a follow-up to my previous mix “Just A Sample”. My idea for the mix was simply to create something unique using tracks that mean something to me personally. With the exception of being a diverse ghettofunk-style production, there are no specific genres associated with this mix and I simply included tracks that I wanted without any regard to release date or artist popularity. “

- Psilo

If you want to see the actual full track & sample list with everything included, here it is:


01. Psilo – Guess Who Intro
02. Howla – Llama Pimp
03. Lose Yourself To Dance (B-Side & WBBL Remix)
04. Slynk – Dance Across The Bass
// Dr Dre – The Watcher
// Nelly – Ride With Me
05. The Beatles – The Word (The Captain Remix)
// Blue Boy – Remember Me
// Too Short – Shake That Monkey (Feat. Lil’ Jon)
// Dr Dre – Ackrite Acapella
06. Jamie Berry Feat. Octavia Rose – Delight (White Label Pitched Up Mix)
07. Duck Tales Hates Dubstep Intermission
08. Aloe Blacc – I Need A Dollar (William Breakspear Remix / Psilo Sex & Drug Edit)
09. Jurassic 5 – This Is How We Do It
// Montell Jordan – This Is How We Do It
10. K-Lab – Do Right /_&_/ Pitch Perfect – No Diggity Acapella (Psilo Mashup)
// TLC – No Scrubs
11. Beastie Boys – Root Down (Cyclist Disco & Bobby C Mix – Psilo RIP Edit)
// Rihanna – Where Have You Been?
12. Zelda Theme Song (Remastered)
13. Rockapella – Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego (2Pac – Changes Remix)
// Dr Dre – California Love
14. Phil Collins – In The Air Tonight (California Edit)
15. John Denver – Country Roads (Pretty Lights Remix)
16. KillaQueenz – Boyfriend (DCUP Remix)
17. Crazy Daylight – Party Of A Lifetime (Original Mix)
// Mitch Hedberg Tribute
// Petrona Martinez – El Hueso (King Coya Remix)
18. Jayl Funk – Feelin’ Good /_&_/ Shpongle – Levitation Nation (Psilo Mashup)
19. My Love (Pugzilla Remix)
// Depeche Mode – Enjoy The Silence
// Depeche Mode – Strangelove
20. The Captain / Santana – Got To Change (Your Evil Ways) /_&_/ Loleatta Holloway “Love Sensation” (Psilo Mashup)
// Beach Boys – Good Vibrations
21. Slynk – Mas Que Nada (Slynk Remix)
// Avalanches – Frontier Psychiatrist
// Nelly Furtado – Say It Right (Acapella)
// I Got Five On It (Acapella)
22. ALL GOOD – De La Soul vs. Can 7 Supermarket (Daigo Re-Bake)
23. A.Skillz & Beatvandals – Beat Don’t Stop VIP (Psilo Edit)

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From the land of the long white cloud, New Zealand funkster Funk Ferret has uploaded a whopper of a Nufunk mix. This two part mix showcases some of the best Nufunk, Ghetto Funk and Funk tracks over the last few years.

Funk Ferret - Nufunk Party Jams Part 1


Grinny Grandad - Black White & Ginger
Funk Ferret VS Captain Planet - So Dam Hot
Slynk - Break It On Down
Bobby C Sound TV - Sucha Good Night
Mandrill - Fat City Strut - Funk Ferret Edit
Mr. Cocoman & The Solid Vibes - Tak užto bal - VOITA Lipert Ghetto Re-Dub
J-Roc – It’s Your Thang - Big Beatin Beastie Edit
Morlack – Chinchilla
BadboE - You Don't Stop – Pre Album Version
Mr Chombee - Let me Be Your Lover - Chombee Edit
Badboe - Shine Like A Halo
Breakbeat Junkie - Front To Back
The Barkays VS Roots Manuva - Too Hot To Witness - James DB's Make It Funky Edit - Ferret Cut
Slynk & SkiiTour - Figure It Out
The Equals VS Grandmaster Caz - Workin Like A Train - Funk Ferret Mashup
DJ Rudd - Underdogs
Badboe & Prosper - If You Want My Love
Rollomatik - Dancing Machine
Missy Elliott VS Will Smith - Wild Wild Work - TheFunkyFR34K Mash-Up
DJ Wood - No Ice Cream On The Road
Alicia Myers - Thank You - Funk Ferret Edit
Marvin Gaye - Let's Get it On / Sexual Healing Ft. Max-A-Million - Stickybuds RMX
BadboE - Make It Happened
Rollomatik - Wrap It
James Brown - Ants In My Pants - J-Sound Mix
Featurecast - Ooooh!
Timothy Wisdom - Put The Stereo On
Slynk - We Come To Party
Zenit Incompatible - Big Stuff
Junior Senior - Move Your Feet - The Funk Hunters RMX
Featurecast - Woah!
The Captain - Another One Dusty Bossa
De La Soul - Ring Ring Ring - Bobby C Sound TV Edit
Bobby C Sound TV - Ghostin' The Machine
Stickybuds & Bobby C - Party Remedy
DJ Black Belt Greg - Freakin' Pants
J-Roc - Shining Star

Funk Ferret - Nufunk Party Jams Part 2


The Sly Players - On The Hook - The Captain RMX
Slynk - My Sound
Captain Futuro - Firehoes
Featurecast - Funky White Brother
El Bomba & Hidden Riddim - Miss Disco Flex
Adski - Groove With It
Russ Cuban - Doggs Booty
P.O.D.G.E VS Salt n Pepa - Say What! - Lebrosk Mashup
Little Anthony & The Imperials - Shimmy Shimmy Ko-Ko Bop - JR. Dynamite Edit - Funk Ferret Cut
The Allergies - You Wouldn't Know
Jean Claude Gavri - The Get Down
Neighbour & Think Tank - Get Up - The Breakbeat Junkie Remix
Fred Wesley - House Party – Dean Sunshine Smith 2013 Edit
Automatic Reaction - Mos Definitely Summertime
The Breakbeat Junkie - It's Like That
Cheer - A Lover's Holiday - Funk Ferret Edit
Beck + Tom Drummond - Blurred Beck – Funk Ferret Edit
Funk You Very Much - We Got The Funky Jointz
The Captain - Got To Change
Tom Drummond - Superstitious Sounds
Missy Elliot & Fred Fish - Aso So - Ferret Cut
Michael Jackson VS Ini Kamoze - Don't Stop The Hot Stepper - Jimmy Needles Party Smasher
Funk The System - Terapeutica Do Grito - Funk The System RMX
Nevscott + Waynessential - Carryin' On
Father Funk - Get Up!
Funk Burners - Whatchya Got
Featurecast - Chuck Berry
The Breakbeat Junkie - Never Dug Disco
DJ Twister - Wreck The Disco
DJ Agent 86 - Pick Up The Party
The Beatles - The Word - The Captain RMX
Chic - Le Freak - Basement Freaks Edit
Matty Blades VS DJ Axe - Move!
DJ Twister - Dance To The Music
Slynk + Tom Drummond - Woah Now
J-Roc - Get Down
Jazz K Lipa - Purple Haze
Sampology - Ecstasy - Sampology Disco Mix
Itchy Bastards - Keep That Funk Alive
DJ Agent 86 - So Hot - Jayl Funk RMX
DJ Rudd - Shake It Out

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Barrington Levy - Hypocrites (LarrySkg Mash Up)

Nufunk Round Up

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