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Funky Boogie Brothers - Bring The Noise

Open on Soundcloud

If you’re looking for some music to propel you into the next dimension, get a load of these 2 new tracks from The Prodigy’s, Maxim. He’s invited YT and Audra Nishita to apply their vocal skills to the D n B slammers he’s dropped and both of them take no prisoners. It’s the kind of music you stick on when sh*t needs to get done and what needs to get done, get’s done, quicktime! Hold tight riders, you’re in for one hell of a ride.

Buy both tracks here from Juno.

Links for Maxim :

Soundcloud / Facebook / Instagram

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It’s a triple whammy celebration time for The Funky Boogie Brothers. In total coincidental terms, it’s their 5th birthday and they’ve passed 5,000 followers and now have over 500,000 listens on their Soundcloud page. As always, this hasn’t gone unnoticed and to celebrate the guys have put together 25 tracks that they are now giving away for free just to say thank you to everyone who has supported them. Some of the tracks you may already have, some you might have missed, so it’s best to check em all just incase. There’s Funky, Bboy and Big Beat style Breaks galore that are all fit for the best of parties!

Click here and download each track straight from Soundcloud.

Links for The Funky Boogie Brothers :

Soundcloud / Facebook / Bandcamp

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Steady One & Kansai D are from Russia and this is their first mixtape to hit Soundcloud. It’s all about the funk with these 2 and this mix shows their style, Funk, Beats and Breaks with supreme scratching included.


01. Steady One & Kansai D – Spring Dance (Tribute to F.P.) (Club Mix)
02. Funky Boogie Brothers & Keith Mansfield – B-Boy Exclusive Blend
03. Funky Boogie Brothers – Bring The Noise
04. Funky Boogie Brothers – Street Jam
05. Игнат Кармалито feat. Тина Кузнецова – Твоё тело, так загорело (Steady One & Kansai D Tuned Up)
06. Basement Jaxx – Hush Boy (Steady One & Kansai D Tuned Up)
07. Steady One & Kansai D – Celebrity (Club Mix)
08. Funky Boogie Brothers – Back To The Floor
09. Synoptix – I Wanna Make It
10. BMD – Outta Sight
11. Funky Boogie Brothers – Ready 2 Move!

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To wrap up 2014 I had a special year-in-review set that featured a handful of my favorite tracks that I played during the year. Not all of the tracks were released in 2014 but were featured in sets that I played this past year. This mix has a heavy dose of ghetto funk and transitions into more straight-up breaks near the end. Hope you all had a great and safe new year! Cheers!

Direct Download: State of Breaks – December 29, 2014

The State of Breaks with Phylo on NSB Radio – 12-29-2014 by Phylo on Mixcloud


Flight Of The Conchords – Business Time (WBBL & Father Funk Remix)
Dusty Tonez – Life Is Music
Leo – 24ct Funk
Stickybuds & Featurecast – 3-6-9
Phibes – Push em up
Reggie Watts – Fuck Shit Stack (Father Funk Remix)
Slynk & Canosis – Figure It Out
Bobby McFerrin – Don’t Worry Be Happy (Father Funk Remix)
Chali 2na, CMC & Silenta, The Funk Hunters – Do This For You feat. Chali 2na (The Funk Hunters VIP Club Mix)
A.Skillz – Good Music
Featurecast – Finger Lickin
B-Side Ft. Kymberley Kennedy – Dope Rider (The Captain Remix)
Mark Ronson Feat. Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk (WBBL Remix)
Stickybuds, South Rakkas – Bouncy Bouncy feat. Rage (Slynk Remix)
PORTISHEAD – Sour Times (Busta Remix)
RUN DMT – Bass Drum (Featurecast Remix)
The Prodigy – Funky Shit (Busta ReHype)
Chamber – Flip Like A Renegade (Sammy Senior Remix)
DEfunk – Back to the Funk (Phibes Remix)
SkiiTour – Filthy Laundry
Jean Tonique – DYNOMITE STRIKES BACK (Bobby C Sound TV edit)
Krafty Kuts – Feel Like Jumpin (Krossbow Remix)
James Brown – TOO FUNKY IN HERE (Bobby C Sound TV 2014 remix)
Deee-Lite – Groove In The Heart (B-Side remix)
WILDCHILD – Renegade Master (Regrooved by ElectroGorilla)
Funky Boogie Brothers – Bring The Noise
Slynk – You’re The Fool (2014 Remaster)
Beastie Boys – All Lifestyles (Regrooved by ElectroGorilla)
Lewis Bergen – Hoi Polloi (Shaka Loves You Remix)
Vector Persona – American Bad Ass (Phylo Remix)
Depeche Mode – Policy of Truth (dj genesis breaks remix)
Stanton Warriors – Pump Up The Jam
Freestylers – Saturday Night Flava
The Correspondents – Well Measured Vice (Daigo Remix)
Plump Djs – Get kinky (Dual Base remix)


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Funky Mosquito Big Nu Funkee Beats Twenty-Nine (Ramp Shows - Soul-Funk Big Beats Nuggets Tree)

Exclusively mixed with love for the Ramp Shows blog.…ky%20Mosquito

Do you like soul, do you like groove and disco, funk and jazz music with great beats and melodies?

Including: The Breakbeat Junkie, Gaff, The Captain, The Bamboos & Alice Russell, C2C, A. Skillz, Slynk,

Tahuna Breaks, Quasamodo, Jayl Funk, DJ Dubra, Basement Freaks u.o.

Here is mix n° tree of the nu soul-funk series of my choice. You will very quick get these melodies
into your brain and not forget will moving your feets clapping your hands and shaking your ass...

...this is so delicious. This is my style and i hope you will also find the pleasure with these grooves.

This is Mix N° Tree. So...Five more mixes will published :)

Swiss quality music selectar since 1968

Further infos and more funky mixes you can find under facebook:!/pages/Funky-M…uito/47824910403

The Funk-Soul Tracklist:

01) Al Wilson - The Snake (Paul Helsby Re-Edit) (5:48)
02) The Breakbeat Junkie - Crazy Jerk (5:0)
03) The Capitols - Cool Jerk (JR.Dynamite Edits) (4:14)
04) The Gaff - The Tribute To Hank (3:29)
05) The Captain - The Latin Night Before (Extended Version) (4:42)
06) DJ Savage Henry - Mary Jane (Savage Henry Remix) (3:08)
07) The Bamboos and Alice Russell - Ring It Home (Efemdzemov Edit) (3:01)
08) Ann Robinson - You Did It (Cristian Cabrera Dj Criss Edit) (3:25)
09) Funky Boogie Brothers - Get Up! (4:10)
10) Jackson Sisters - I Believe In Miracles (Featurecast Remix) (3:23)
11) The Bamboos vs Dj Vadim - Golden Rock (Basement Freaks B-Boy Mush Up) (2:53)
12) Billy Royal Hush (V For The Love Of Funk Edit) (3:44)
13) The Captain vs C2C - Peace Road (Raymon Lazer Mashup) (3:23)
14) A.Skillz vs Ziencia Zero - Everybody Get Funk (DJ Dubra Edit) (3:35)
15) Featurecast - Woah! (4:35)
16) Bo Saris - She's On Fire (Efemdzemov Remix) (3:00)
17) Slynk - Dance Across The Bass (4:19)
18) Tahuna Breaks - Funky Mama (Jayl Funk Edit) (3:54)
19) Featurecast - Rock Ya Body (5:04)
20) Slynk - Whatcha Doin (6:14)
21) Funky Boogie Brothers - Bring The Noise (3:23)
22) Quasamodo - Son Of Shaft (2:56)
23) The Beatles - The Word (The Captain Remix) (4:42)
24) Funky Boogie Brothers - Funky Boogie Wonderland (3:14)
25) The Dells - Free And Easy (Tobyone Remix) (4:19)
26) Etta James - Light My Fire (JR.Dynamite's Smokey Edit) (3:26)

Thanxs to all the artists, the re-editers, remixers, re-mashers for all these grooves for the soul
and the heart. This is the real music also for the future :)

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