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Romano Gemini, bossman of the awesome, Nu Blends, has been teasing us for a few weeks now with previews of tracks from the labels latest in their series of compilation albums. Volume 17 is another Funk, Soul and Disco spectacular with a very generous 18 tracks that are all yours for free! As always on a Nu Blends compilation album, there’s a few classic cuts that sit very nicely besides brand spanking exclusives. Some of the artists featured on vol.17 include RocknRolla Soundsystem, Petko Turner, Dj XS, Pecoe and Maze Soundz and the eagle eyed Funk lovers out there will already be getting excited with names like that involved! From the first track to the last, Nu Blends ‘Compilation Vol.17′ is an album that keeps on delivering the best funk filled times anyone could ask for. Go make it yours!

To download this album for free all you have to do is sign up to Nu Blends newsletter. Please do not let this deter you in any way though because once you’ve spent a few seconds adding in some details, you’ll be greeted by the whole Nu Blends back catalog! Get your fingers busy and get stocking up on the good stuff!

Download Nu Blends ‘Compilation Vol.17” here.

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